AMAZON events

Selling on Amazon platform is not that difficult as it is specific. Amazon is also one of the most scalable and profitable platforms. Amazon can offer you a hassle-free sales channel but it also comes with a number of strict rules and guidelines that are a must to each seller. Amazon punishes sellers for one or a few mistakes, which may lead to immense financial loss or even bankruptcy. Every Amazon seller’s biggest fear – find big scary suspension email in your inbox. If you have ever had this experience, you know that suspension means stopping the seller account performance for unlimited time and is terribly hard to repair. We share the fundamental knowledge and tools to help you make better informed decisions and have your Amazon business up and running.

We organize Amazon trainings, seminars, and tailored specialized Amazon workshops. Klaidas Šiuipys is Amazon expert, business consultant, and speaker. He is a top level Amazon specialist, and manages seller accounts, runs extensive account and advertising campaign audit, researches the products, etc. Klaidas is the speaker and moderator in Amazon-related events, and hosts workshops himself.