Many sellers forget to optimize the back-end of their listing. The result? A robust back-end spells the difference between 3x sales and, well, nothing.

A healthy back-end alerts the Amazon algorithm that your listing exists, and is a valuable addition to your SEO and PPC efforts. The algorithm gains a better understanding of your product. The more accurate data you feed into the algorithm, the easier it is for you to reach your target customer.

This category-dependent exercise employs special filters to direct the algorithm’s attention to your product listing. Every subcategory and product is different; some may have 5 filters, for others there may be only 1. We cut through the noise, tap the most effective way to optimize the back-end, and get your product listing in the path of your target customer.

Remember — we tripled a customer’s sales once just through effective back-end optimization. How would you manage those kinds of sales?