About me

Klaidas Šiuipys – Amazon Expert, Consultant, Speaker and Account Manager

Klaidas is an Amazon seller and Amazon SEO professional, in the business since 2015, who works with hundreds of products and dozens of accounts. He is also a trainer, consultant and frequent speaker known for closely tracking how Amazon platforms are constantly evolving and how to adapt to take advantage of any changes. Active participation in FBA and other Amazon-related events, at times as a local moderator, is one of the ways he continually hones his knowledge and insights.

He is the founder of Shayz Consulting, which supports sellers on Amazon from A to Z: with training and strategic advice as well as the actual legwork needed to create and optimize product pages and ads, manage accounts, solve issues with seller support, arrange text, design and photo work, and more. The company’s motto, and Klaidas too, is “Amazon stress-free and profitably”.

If your goal is to start Amazon business or improve your results, I am ready to talk! Let’s get in touch today.