Here’s an important saying: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That’s why an audit is a crucial step to scaling up.

This professional Amazon account manager has seen thousands of products and hundreds of accounts. On the audit, he goes through everything in the seller account, from the listing,the back-end, PPC, and reviews. He analyzes the account on the front end and the back end. He even checks out which programs you’re using; he can optimize the programs to streamline your selling experience.

If you find yourself netting a good amount of sales by doing everything by yourself, imagine the sort of progress you’ll make once a pro comes in to fine-tune your processes. Where can you increase your conversions? Traffic? What PPC strategies are you using, and how can you save on PPC? How can you make more money, and how can you save money?

You’ll receive a comprehensive PDF highlighting the areas for improvement. Follow the instructions in the PDF, and find your work pay off in a big way. If your account is a dining table, the audit is the gloss and varnish that you need to put a little bit of elegance and panache — elegance and panache that usher in bigger sales and bigger savings.


Disclaimer: We don’t check disbursements, reimbursements, or the financial side of what Amazon may owe you